September 22, 2020

We get it, boyfriends are surprisingly hard to shop for! You know him so well, but you still find it so difficult finding the perfect gift that he will enjoy and actually use.

We've compiled a list of 10 gifts your boyfriend is going to love! They suit guys of all types, from sports lovers, music lovers, budding entrepreneurs or even video game geeks!

We may not know your boyfriend personally, but we do know the following 10 handpicked items are bound to impress every type of guy.
  1. Marlee Classic Folding Sunglasses

These are among our most recommended gifts. The Marlee Classic Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses are the perfect gift for any boyfriend. They have a classic style and can folded away and can fit into his jeans or shirt pocket when he is not wearing them. 
  1. Backpack

We think this is a great gift for boyfriends as they are handy for just about every type of guy. The are practice and every time he wears it, he'll remember that you gave it to him! 
  1. Kindle

This is a perfect gift for any voracious reader as you're able to take your entire library with you on one tiny device. It's smaller and lighter than a paperback book, it's pocket-able and it can be easily read in bright daylight. It's also not too harsh on the eyes when reading at night time in bed.
  1. Fitness tracker

There are many types of fitness trackers and it can get confusing! We recommend getting a simple tracker such as a Garmin or Fitbit because some of the top of the line models can end up costing hundreds of dollars. A fitness tracker is a great gift for the health conscious boyfriend and if you both have one you can have fun setting goals and competing against each other with daily step challenges!
  1. Wireless ear buds

Wireless ear buds are extremely practical for use either at home or on the go. Your boyfriend will thank you if you gift him a pair of these. They connect seamlessly to multiple devices via Bluetooth and some of them enable you to take calls without picking up your phone. They are also very compact and can be stowed away in a backpack or pocket when not being used.

6. Audible membership

This is a great gift for boyfriends who love to read but may not always find the time to do so. Audio books are great as you can listen to them while driving, working out or doing housework! What better way to make use of otherwise boring chores. We're sure your boyfriend would appreciate a subscription to Audible if he's into reading.
  1. Bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic gift for any music lover! There are various types that suit different needs and tastes such as super portable smaller ones, through to large models with extremely high quality of sound. You even can find waterproof models so your boyfriend can listen to a podcast or tunes in the shower! They are a handy item to have for a BBQ or weekend away.
  1. George Foreman grill

This may seem like a strange recommendation, but it's a go to recommendation when it comes to food related gifts that your boyfriend will love! The countertop grill makes food easier to cook and allows you to cook food with less fat - which means healthier food. The grill can be used for absolutely anything as well so it really is an all rounder. 
  1. Coffee maker

Who doesn't love coffee? If your boyfriend is all about the perfect morning brew then you can easily find an affordable coffee maker for him. Just like anything else there is a huge variety and range covering all sorts of needs and budgets. We recommend keeping things simple and going for something that can put used on the stove-top and will end up getting the most use rather than something elaborate that might only be used every once in a while.
  1. Plain T-shirts

Now this is a gift your boyfriend will love simply because it will never run out of style! It's one of those gives that are just really practice and useful. They are comfy, especially on a hot and humid day and don't need a lot of work to be looked after properly (which let's face it, would suit most boyfriends...) Our tip is to choose higher quality cotton based t-shirts as they last longer and look much nicer, yes you definitely notice the difference.